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ian kimber's web pages

Page history last edited by Ian Kimber 4 years, 10 months ago


My web pages are a PBwiki just like the VU3A pages but they are in the public domain and anyone who uses the internet can read them and comments on them. 


You do not even have to be logged into the PB wiki site to get to them and can bookmark them directly.


They are not however open for writing and you have only got reading privileges in them.

Please do not ask for writing privileges because they are free pages and the number of users is strictly limited.


vU3A members can however now post comments on my pages and I will usually reply to them as soon as I spot them


Continue on to Ian Kimber's web pages at  http://iankimber.pbworks.com/ 


There is also a conventional web address redirect that will take you to them  https://www.iankimber.org/   


I chose to work mostly in the PB works simple wiki format because I am just interested in an easy way to present and analyse  information and not bothered about the flashy presentation that so many web pages nowadays put a lot of effort into creating.


Here is a taster of some of the things they contain


This is the front page of Ian Kimber's personal Workspace


Following the links will take you out of the vU3A  pages with a background colour of cream/buff into my own pages with a background colour of pale blue.  to return to the vU3A use the "back" button on your browser (usually at the top left hand side of the window or go to the front page of the site and follow the link back to here or enter  vu3a.pbworks.com into your address bar  here is a full link back to the vu3a front page  http://vu3a.pbworks.com/w/page/12287302/FrontPage


You can also contact me by email at  ianksoulsurfer@gmail.com  but please put my workspace name in the heading or I will reject it as spam


The following links lead you to  the various sections of this site


About Me

CV and personal information 


Evolutionary Philosophy

Some ideas that I am trying to develop and discuss linking evolution, cosmology, philosophy and faith.


VU3A Stuff

Pages developed for the Vitrual University of the Third Age


Creative Writing 

This is mostly stuff that I have written as part of the amateur writers group of the Tiverton U3A



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Charlie said

at 10:48 am on Nov 22, 2014

Ian hasn't done anything here for 19 months, but IMHO it's still a valuable page.

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